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Heliocare Sunscreen SPF 90

Heliocare Sunscreen SPF 90



Heliocare Fluid Gel is an exclusive formulation that is free of all comedogenic lipids and is therefore perfect for greasy and mixed skin types. The gel is transparent, does not colour the skin, and does not have a whitening effect when applied. Heliocare Gel is water resistant.


Heliocare Gel is oil-free, easy to apply, has a light to the touch formulation, with an elegance that encourages daily use. Heliocare Gel is ideal for all skin types and particularly suitable for oily and spot-prone skin.

Heliocare Gel is perfect for the daily prevention of photo-aging and sun damage. It is suitable for lessening the effects of medication-induced photosensitivity, preventing melasma in greasy skins and photodermatosis

Heliocare gel is also suitable for the photoprotection of skin treated with topical and/or oral retinoids (Vitamin A).

Suitable for normal/oily skins - SPF 90

Directions for Use:

Apply in the morning to complete your anti-ageing skincare regime or as directed by your aesthetic professional. Gently massage until absorbed ensuring complete coverage of the face and décolleté. Non-comedogenic and water resistant reapply every 2-3 hours during periods of high sun exposure.X

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