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Heliocare Antioxidant Oral Capsules

Heliocare Antioxidant Oral Capsules



Heliocare capsules are an oral dietary supplement with antioxidant properties which help maintain the skin’s ability to protect against sun-related effects and aging. 

Fernblock, the principle performance ingredient, works to protect skin structure and immune response and provides daily defense against the UV photoaging process. Heliocare acts as a scavenger to mop up free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS), particularly superoxide anions. 

UV has many detrimental effects on the skin: it can directly cause DNA damage, and it can create so-called "reactive oxygen species" (ROS) or "free radicals." ROS are high energy molecules that collide with proteins and lipids in the cell and cause direct cellular damage. This damage is responsible for the effects of UV on skin: premature aging and a prematurely lined and worn appearance 

Please note that Heliocare supplements are designed to work in conjunction with sun creams of SPF25 and above and are not a substitute for sunscreen and protective clothing. 

Fernblock™ 240mg Size : 60 capsules


- Excellent antioxidant property, reduces free radicals by up to 50%, preventing formation of hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays 
- Protects skin from premature aging and sun damage, allowing a younger and healthier looking skin 
- Inhibits depletion of collagen caused by UVA by 55%, slows down skin aging 
- Increases skin tissue by up to 66%, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pore size 
- Increases skin's resistance against sunburn by 300% 
- Protects the entire surface of your skin 

Take one capsule daily before sun exposure to sun 
If intense sun exposure is expected, then two capsules (1 in the morning and 1 at midday) is recommended.
To get the best sun protection you should combine Heliocare oral supplements with Heliocare sun protection sprays, creams or gels.

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