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Glo Theraputics Retinol CS

Glo Theraputics Retinol CS



For Oily, Acne prone or Mature skin

Retinol CSthis water-based gel serum has a pH of 2.3, which is the result of Glycolic Acid [and aids in absorption]. Retinol is used to penetrate into the cells and regulate their activity, and can be beneficial for any time of skin concern including acne and aging skin. The retinol converts into retinoic acid, and while 3% is a strong dose, some of it is lost in the conversion.

  • Ingredients: 3% Retinol and 4% Glycolic Acid work synergistically. They penetrate in different ways, making exfoliation more thorough. Glycolic Acid is beneficial for most skin types with the exception of sensitive skin. This product is also formulated with brighteners, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories that will penetrate deeper because of the Retinol and Glycolic acids.
  • Feeling: this product is gold in color and has a gel-like consistency. It feels very light, making it comfortable for those who have acneic and oily skin. It is important to note that this product is not moisturizing, so if you would like to hydrate your skin, apply a moisturizer 30 minutes after using the Retinol CS.
  • Final Word: this is a great product for oily, acne-prone, and mature skin. It is a great way to prep your skin for exfoliation.