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Bio Logica Hyaluserum

Bio Logica Hyaluserum

Bio Logica


Hyaluserum has been developed by Innoderm to treat mature skin and for complementary use with aesthetic procedures.

Breakthrough formula allows high molecular weight (Hmw) hyaluronic acid to penetrate the deeper skin layers for the first time without an injection. Immediate skin surface hydration with Hmw pure Hyaluronic Acid.  Skin becomes supple, well hydrated, toned, firm and healthier looking.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with skin plumping action.

Provides essential healing action post aesthetic treatment and acne skins Longer lasting hyaluronic skin tightening and freshening effect


Recommended for:
All skin types, especially women and men 35 years plus and prematurely aged or mature skins

Perfect for sensitive skin with ultra-tolerance, very dry and dehydrated skins and reactive and intolerant skins

Post aesthetic treatment (healing, hydration, radiance) 


Apply Hyaluserum morning and evening after cleansing. Take a small drop (one bottle-pump) of serum on fingertips. Gently spread out on the forehead, a small drop on each cheek a small drop on each side of the neck and a small drop on lower neck.

Hyaluserum is to be applied on its own; however, it is still possible to apply another cream over it after 10 minutes, in order to allow enough for the skin to absorb it. Similarly, it is recommended to wait 10 to 15 minutes before applying make-up.

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