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Bio Logica Peri-Orbital

Bio Logica Peri-Orbital

Bio Logica


BIO LOGICA Peri-Orbital Fragile Zones set’s the bar for topical anti-ageing formulas with a unique and patented blend of the latest discoveries in cosmetic skin research. 

The skin of the eyelids is fragile and sensitive. The epidermis and dermis here are the most delicate of all organisms. Through continuous blinking and changing facial expressions, it is constantly moving and subjected to significant stresses and tensions. This specific area is therefore the prime target and early warning of skin ageing. It is the region of lines of expression (crow’s feet) and from the age of 25, permanent wrinkles. The eye area should therefore be paid particular attention and given efficient concentrated care, adapted to its needs. The combination and concentration of the various active ingredients guarantee rapid visible. Giving graet results within a few weeks .


Recommended for:

All skin types, especially women and men 35 years plus, very sensitive, dry and dehydrated skins. 
Reactive and intolerant skins

Areas of lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, Areas of expression lines, mouth (sun wrinkles)

Post aesthetic treatment (healing, hydration, radiance)



Apply BIO LOGICA Peri-orbital zones fragiles morning and evening on clean dry skin around the eyes. After the normal wash, collect a small drop of serum on the tip of the finger. To do this, hold the tube vertically (tip facing down) and press to obtain a drop of the product. Spread it using light massage under each eye. It can also be used around the mouth. It is imperative to wait ten to fifteen minutes before applying makeup (foundation cream, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara). 

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