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amalian Enriched Foot Balm

amalian Enriched Foot Balm


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amalian® Enriched Foot Balm is enriched with high concentrated Urea and organic Coriander oil. It calms, revitalizes and regenerates severely dry skin and sanitizes small injuries.


Apply a small amount onto your feet and massage in. Use before bed for overnight care and repair.

Active Ingredients

  • Lanolin Alcohol: lipid replenishing and skin caring
  • Urea Factor (NMF): is an important component of the natural moisturizing factor and improves the moisture retention capacity
  • Coriandrum Sativum Oil: deodorizing, disinfecting, warming, analgesic and softens hard skin


petrolatum, cetearyl alcohol, aqua, phenoxyethanol, linalool, limonene, geraniol.

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