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Laser Hair Removal Myth Busters!

Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser and IPL are the same things. FALSE! A laser is a constant beam of light, more typically used for procedures such as Tattoo removal or skin rejuvenation. IPL (intense pulsed light) is more commonly used to treat port wine stains, thread veins, skin conditions such as acne and Rosacea and of course hair removal. However, all lasers and IPL technologies are NOT the same! Read on to find out more…


  • A Laser/ IPL treatment room should have no windows, mirrors or reflective surfaces. TRUE! Safety first! A laser beam is a constant beam of light which could be extremely harmful if reflected. The British Medical Laser Association recommend Safety goggles must also be worn at all times during a laser or IPL treatment. Come and visit our PURPOSE-BUILT Laser/ IPL room at The Fresh Skin Clinic which has been designed specifically with these best practice recommendations in mind.


  • Laser/IPL hair removal hurts. FALSE! Here comes the science bit…at The Fresh Skin Clinic the latest technology from Alma Lasers delivers heat and light ‘In- motion’ with inbuilt cooling to deliver a pain-free relaxing experience.  In- motion technology also allows us to treat larger areas of hair growth in a shorter period of time than with older IPL or Laser technologies.


  • Laser/ IPL treatments are not suitable for darker skin types. FALSE! Suitable for all skin types, state of the art technology from Alma lasers allows us to adjust the level of light and energy coming through the treatment head according to skin type. At The Fresh Skin Clinic we will assess your skin type according to the Fitzpatrick skin type scale and adjust your treatment settings accordingly.


  • Hairs have to be a certain length to have the treatment. FALSE! Although this is the case with less sophisticated laser and IPL systems at the Fresh Skin Clinic we will ask you to shave in between sessions and to shave prior to a treatment. Of course, the more sessions you have the less shaving between sessions will be required.


  • The hair will be gone forever. FALSE/UNLIKELY! A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended. The IPL can only treat existing hair follicles, throughout our lives we will develop new follicles hence the need for some maintenance. Levels of maintenance will depend on skin type. Darker skins will generally respond faster and need less maintenance than fairer skin types. As you are progressing through your treatment plan the staff at The Fresh Skin Clinic will be able to give you better ideas of the level of maintenance you are likely to require. At the Fresh Skin Clinic, maintenance sessions are half price.


  • It will make ingrown hairs worse. FALSE! Even after 1 or 2 sessions, many customers find that ingrown hairs a vastly reduced and eventually become a thing of the past.


  • I need to wear SPF 50. TRUE! The light from the laser/IPL treatment can trigger excess pigmentation in certain skin types. The use of a broad spectrum UVA/UVB helps to prevent this. At The Fresh Skin Clinic, we have a wide range of SPF 50 to suit all skin types whether oily, sensitive or dry. Many people get hooked on these products and use them ongoingly as the cornerstone to anti-ageing!


  • I will need more sessions in certain areas. TRUE! The face tends to have the fastest growth cycle on the body and is often influenced by hormonal factors out of our control. Therefore, sessions are often needed more frequently in the early stages and more long-term maintenance may be needed.


  • I can’t have laser hair removal if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding. TRUE! The effects of laser and IPL are unknown on the foetus. It is also recommended not to have treatments whilst breastfeeding as hormonal changes can affect hair growth.


  • Anyone can perform laser treatment. FALSE! The British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) recommends that “Patients/clients will receive treatment from appropriately trained and competent laser/IPL operators. Training should be specific to every device used and training certificates should be displayed in the treatment area.


Hopefully, that has helped to dispel some of the myths around laser hair removal! Have you had laser hair removal before? Share your experience in the comments! 

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